The Rio Grande turkey can be found in the arid southwestern United States and northeastern Mexico. It can be distinguished from the Eastern by having tail feathers and coverts tipped with a yellowish-brown or tan color rather than the darker brown chestnut  color of the eastern.

The Rio Grande turkey is gregarious and winters in very large flocks. Turkey legs are pinkish to gray or black and males have spurs (females rarely have spurs). The turkey breast has a beard (bristle-like feathers) that continues to grow throughout its life. The tom struts during courtship and spreads his tail in an impressive fan. The female is considerably smaller, less iridescent, and has hair and fine feathers on her head. The turkey roosts in trees, has keen eyesight and hearing, and is gregarious.

Rate: $250 per bird per hunter, additional day $150 per hunter, $125 per non-hunting guest.

turkey trophy