The Fallow is a small Eurasian deer with a yellowish-red spotted coat and flattened antlers in the male.

The name comes from the middle English for the color reddish-yellow. Both sexes are spotted with white.

The Fallow deer is common in England where it is often domesticated in parks.

Our group of Fallow is the strongest we have ever had. During the 1998-1999 season we are honored to say that we scored high Gold with two beautiful Fallow Trophies.

We expect this season to be even better. We have a great selection of white, chocolate and spotted Fallow available.

Rate: Fallow Buck $2,000 for the trophy / $300 per day per hunter for accommodations / $150 per additional day and a non-hunter of $200.00 per day.

Fallow Trophy Fallow Trophy