Ranch Rules
  1. All children MUST have adult supervision.
  2. Everyone must sign Release before any activities begin.
  3. No one is to go behind the game fence without permission and children are allowed only with adult supervision.
  4. Bass and Albino Catfish will be 'catch & release'. All other fish may be kept.
  5. If you break anything, please tell us so we can get it repaired.
  6. No use of any ranch equipment unless permission is obtained from the Ranch Manager or one of the partners.
  7. There will be NO consumption of alcohol by anyone before going behind the game fence if you expect to use a gun at the range or hunting.
  8. Loaded or unloaded weapons will never be pointed in the direction of people or the lodge area.
  9. All hunters must read and sign the hunting rules.
  10. Loaded weapons will not be transported in vehicles.
  11. No ammunition will be put into clips before reaching the gate at the game fence.
  12. All guns will be unloaded with clips removed before leaving gated area.
  13. When more than one hunter is present, there will be only one shooter at a time.
  14. Guns are to be locked in vehicles in the evening.
  15. Put all trash, cans, bottles, etc. in trashcans - not on the grounds.


We are happy you are visiting the ranch and want you to have a wonderful time. To assure a safe, comfortable and rewarding experience, we ask that you and your children observe the rules.

Ranch Managers:   Jason Borchardt & Neil Hardwick

Larry & Charlotte
Kelly & Neil
Jason & Kristi