Shhh... Lead with Your Eyes and Not Your Head
Written by Jason Borchardt   
Lead with Your EyesHow many times have you been sitting in a tree stand, in a brush blind on and open air tower blind and been busted by deer in front of you? You are in full camo, the wind is right...what could it be? The answer is were moving and the deer detected your movement.

Deer, turkey and other game can pick up the slightest movement and when they do their instincts kick in to get out of the area. What can you do to practice sitting still in the stand.

Next time you are in the blind before daylight, pay attention to how still you are sitting in the dark. That is how still you need to be after the sun comes up. If and when you have to move to glass or scan the area, be sure to do it deliberately and lead with your eyes and not you head or hands.

Remember, try to be as still in the day light as you are before daybreak. In the long run you will spook fewer deer and have much more success.